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Eurodib Homichef 8 L, Induction Shallow Saute Pan with Handles HOM463607

Eurodib Homichef 8 L, Induction Shallow Saute Pan with Handles HOM463607

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Introducing the Eurodib Homichef 8 L Induction Shallow Saute Pan with Handles, identified by the model HOM463607. This shallow sauté pan is expertly crafted for versatile cooking experiences, featuring an 8 L (liters) capacity and designed for induction cooktops. The modern and practical design of this pan ensures even heat distribution, making it ideal for precise sautéing and cooking. The inclusion of handles enhances ease of use, providing a comfortable grip during both cooking and serving. 

  • HOMICHEF Collection, 18/10 Stainless steel with semi mat and semi mirror finish. With Handles,
  • Side: 18/10 heavy-duty stainless steel construction,
  • Bottom: Triple-ply construction (stainless steel interior, pure aluminum core for even heat distribution, stainless steel exterior). Cool touch hollow handles (for safety and durability), Induction ready, high heat capabilities, and dishwasher safe.
  • Weight: 9 lbs


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