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iFoodservice Supply Ion Defense Backpack Sprayer with Lithium Battery IFS-ELECSPRYRCART
iFoodservice Supply

iFoodservice Supply Ion Defense Backpack Sprayer with Lithium Battery IFS-ELECSPRYRCART

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The iFoodservice Supply Ion Defense Backpack Sprayer with Lithium Battery (IFS-ELECSPRYRCART) is a cutting-edge solution for efficient and portable disinfection. With the convenience of cordless operation provided by its lithium battery, this backpack sprayer is designed for applying disinfectants and sanitizers in various settings. The Ion Defense technology ensures comprehensive coverage, making it a valuable tool for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in diverse environments, including hospitality, healthcare, and facility maintenance. The ergonomic design and mobility of the backpack sprayer enable users to navigate and disinfect larger areas with ease, offering a versatile and effective solution for maintaining a sanitized environment.

About Product:

Ion Defense Backpack Sprayer with Lithium Battery, Fast Charger,
Wand Attachments & Extended Length Hose & Cord w/ Easy Roll Cart
(TPR Swivel Wheels with precision bearings, fan motor hanger & strap,
mounted battery box with charger receptacle & 2X pre wired lithium
Fast Charger for Battery Box

IFoodservice Supply:

 IFoodservice Supply is a woman-owned business based in the vast landscape of Irving, Texas and founded by Kimberly Ramos in 2011. Combining her love for the foodservice industry with a passion for quality, Ifoodservice Supply’s core mission is to directly connect restaurant industry clientele with the finest manufacturers in the hospitality and restaurant industry. Ifoodservice Supply is dedicated to bringing you world renown brands and products at affordable prices. Our suppliers offer top of the line products which are accompanied by decades of product knowledge and experience. The manufacturers we work with have the best practices in quality control, all of which meet and exceed national and international safety standards. We are a Customer-centric company. By listening to the needs of our clients, we are able to provide a better and more accurate solution that is specific to each customer’s needs.

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