Banquet De Lights Power Box BDL 4214
Banquet De Lights

Banquet De Lights Power Box BDL 4214

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Power Box

This is the first ever power box specifically designed for the hospitality industry. Powerful and aesthetically pleasing, our power box sits on the table or can be mounted securely under the table with a mounting plate.


Power up a mini refrigerator, POS system, TV, and much more. Made from food safe stainless steel construction. Full LED power bank display for easy reference. Fully contained 40A/12V with up to 750W continuous power. Enhance your events with the under table mounting plate and magnetic feet for seamless install and removal. Will continuously charge two laptops and two cell phones for more than 15 hours.

Banquet de Lights:

We are the first company to focus on a vital need in the event hospitality industry. With over a century of hospitality experience, we understand the limitations of the present and designed the future. We will reshape the experience for your customer. A serving platform that can go anywhere, anytime. Banquet de Lights delivers the improbable. The first ever all battery powered serving experience. No longer wait for power cords or your setup around power placement. No longer use obtrusive, loud generators for your outside event. Just roll in and go.

The  Banquet  de Lights Battery  Powered Banquet  Lamp  is a must for  all  food  service setups.  The  product features  a compact shape,  easy light directional  adjustment, low wattage  high illumination  bulbs, simple  controls,  quick recharge  time  with  long lasting  power,  and durability  for continuous  use.

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