Stolzle Glasses

Stolzle has been producing fine unleaded stemware, barware and accessories for over 150 years. The factory is located in the Lacusitz area of Germany in a town called Weisswasser, a loation selected years ago due to the abundance of natural resources used in production of fine crystal products. More than ever, its location has proven to give Stolzle a tremendous advantage as the cost of these native resources has risen dramatically in other areas of Europe.

Today Stolzle produces the finest machine-made crystal available for the retail and hospitality industries. Key elements of production are lead-free crystalline glass, clarity, brilliance, durability, high resistance to dishwasher breakage (certified for 1,000 rinse cycles), and value pricing of all products. Recently, the factory has reinvested several million dollars to upgrade its machines to ensure that Stolzle production is taking place on the most technically-advanced equipment in the world.

Our collections of high-performance stemware feature laser-cut and fire- polished rims, machine-blown bowls and drawn stems; features which, in the past, were only available on hand-made crystal. All of the advanced production methods and quality control systems that are in place at the Stolzle factory ensure that customers selecting Stolzle products will be purchasing the most advanced, machine-made crystal available in the world today.