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Eurodib Atmovac 16'' Thermo Sealing Bar KS400
Eurodib Atmovac 16'' Thermo Sealing Bar KS400

Eurodib Atmovac 16'' Thermo Sealing Bar KS400

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The Eurodib Atmovac 16'' Thermo Sealing Bar, known as the KS400, is a robust sealing machine designed for various packaging applications. With its 16-inch sealing bar, this sealer can effectively seal bags and other packaging materials to maintain the freshness and integrity of food items, documents, or other products. Equipped with thermo sealing technology, the KS400 ensures secure and airtight seals, preventing air and moisture from entering the packaged contents. 


Welcome to ATMOVAC, our proprietary brand of Commercial Vacuum machines, packaging and Sous-Vide solutions. Years of specialization in the field of Vacuum packaging for the Food Service industry provides us the access and know-how of the best available manufacturing on the planet allowing us to create ATMOVAC. We thrive to provide you with a solution for all your needs by delivering functionality and value with each of our ATMOVAC products.

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