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Eurodib  atmovac Food Packaging Vacpak Large Chamber 16"  21m3/h W/liquid Control 120v (Kaze16xl)

Eurodib atmovac Food Packaging Vacpak Large Chamber 16" 21m3/h W/liquid Control 120v (Kaze16xl)

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The Eurodib Atmovac Food Packaging Vacpak with a Large Chamber and a 16" seal bar, known as the Kaze16XL, is a powerful vacuum packaging solution designed for commercial and industrial use. With its spacious chamber and 16-inch seal bar, this machine can accommodate large quantities of food items for efficient packaging. It boasts a high pumping capacity of 21m³/h, ensuring rapid vacuuming and sealing processes. Additionally, it features liquid control functionality, allowing for the packaging of liquid-rich or moist foods without compromising the sealing process.


  • It Save money on food costs by safely packaging large quantities of food
  • Bring packaged products to the marketplace in safe, traceable, and easily identifiable packaging
  • Incorporate sous vide cooking in your kitchen, saving labor costs and enhancing the quality of your menu
  • Great for marinating or tenderizing, or for packaging red meat
  • Liquid control will prevent liquid from boiling during the vacuum process. As soon as the boiling point is detected the vacuum process stops and the bag is sealed. With no loss of moisture the product, pump, and vacuum chamber are protected
  • Precise vacuum settings with sensor control end the vacuum process as soon as the preset percentage is reached
  • Busch vacuum pump is powerful, reliable, and maintenance-friendly
  • Simple control panel with graphic display
  • 16" x 18" x 7" vacuum chamber
  • Double seal vacuum process
  • 30 Second cycle time
  • 3-Program memory
  • Pump cleaning cycle
  • 16" seal bar
  • Comprehensive maintenance menu with service alarm


  • Length: 24 Inches
  • Width: 19.3 Inches
  • Height: 18.5 Inches
  • Weight176 lbs


Welcome to ATMOVAC, our proprietary brand of Commercial Vacuum machines, packaging, and Sous-Vide solutions. Years of specialization in the field of Vacuum packaging for the Food Service industry provide us the access and know-how of the best available manufacturing on the planet allowing us to create ATMOVAC. We strive to provide you with a solution for all your needs by delivering functionality and value with each of our ATMOVAC products.

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