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Scraper for Flat Panini Grills, IGS1185103
Scraper for Flat Panini Grills, IGS1185103

Scraper for Flat Panini Grills, IGS1185103

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The Scraper for Flat Panini Grills, IGS1185103, is an essential tool for maintaining the cleanliness and efficiency of your panini grills. Crafted with durable materials and precision engineering, this scraper is designed to effortlessly remove food residues and grease from the grilling surfaces, ensuring a hygienic cooking environment and preserving the quality of your culinary creations. Its ergonomic design and easy-grip handle make it a user-friendly addition to any kitchen, helping chefs and cooks keep their grills in top-notch condition for delectable paninis and grilled delights.


Shipping Weight0.5 lb.
Scraper MaterialStainless Steel
TypeGrill Scrapers
UsagePanini Grills


Sirman was founded in 1969 by its current general manager, Mr. Nereo Marzaro, to produce high quality slicers. In its 37 years of business, Sirman has become the largest manufacturer of food processing equipment in Italy.

Its main office is located in Padua (Padova), 20 miles west of Venice, in what is known as the Italian Northeast, one of the richest and most economically developed regions of Europe. Sirman relies on 10 separate production factories in the area.

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