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Eurodib Brema Single Cleaning Pack for Brema Ice Machines ICECLEAN01

Eurodib Brema Single Cleaning Pack for Brema Ice Machines ICECLEAN01

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The Single Cleaning Pack for Brema Ice Machines, designated as ICECLEAN01, is an essential accessory for maintaining the peak performance and hygiene of your ice-making equipment. This comprehensive cleaning kit provides all the necessary components and instructions to effectively remove scale buildup, algae, and other contaminants, ensuring your ice remains crystal clear and free from any unpleasant taste or odor. Regular use of this cleaning pack extends the lifespan of your Brema ice machine, guaranteeing a constant supply of high quality ice for your business or personal use. Keep your ice machine in top condition and ensure the best ice quality with this convenient and easy to use cleaning pack.



PH: 1.03

Weight: 20 lb

Concentration: 1 bag for 0.66 gal. (2.5 L) of water  

Sold individually: 55 g (1.94 oz.) size bags

Colorless and odorless, powdered agent

A diluted solution can be poured directly into the water basin to clean the interior or applied directly to surfaces 


Brema has been manufacturing ice with meticulous care and attention to detail since 1985. Our passion is ice-making. It's also a promise to consumers, who must always receive the best, most timely answers for all of their demands.Brema designs and manufactures machinery to the highest of industry requirements. As a result, they employ the greatest materials and cutting-edge technology. However, Brema's highly trained staff, whose members are continually upgrading their skills and knowledge, is a critical component.

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