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Eurodib Scraper for Ribbed Panini Grill SCRAPER

Eurodib Scraper for Ribbed Panini Grill SCRAPER

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The Eurodib Scraper for Ribbed Panini Grill is a handy tool designed specifically for cleaning and maintaining ribbed panini grills. Crafted with durable materials, this scraper effectively removes food residue and grease from the grill's grooves, ensuring optimal performance and hygiene. Its ergonomic design allows for comfortable handling, making it easy to use without causing strain on the user's hand. Whether in a professional kitchen or at home, the Eurodib Scraper is an essential accessory for keeping ribbed panini grills in top condition, ensuring delicious results with every use.

MATERIAL:Stainless Steel



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Its main office is located in Padua (Padova), 20 miles west of Venice, in what is known as the Italian Northeast, one of the richest and most economically developed regions of Europe. Sirman relies on 10 separate production factories in the area.

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