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Eurodib Visvardis Stand for Spit 11010030
Eurodib Visvardis Stand for Spit 11010030

Eurodib Visvardis Stand for Spit 11010030

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The Eurodib Visvardis Stand for Spit (model number 11010030) is a sturdy and reliable equipment designed specifically for supporting and securing a spit roast. Crafted with durable materials, this stand provides stability during the cooking process, ensuring that your spit roast remains balanced and evenly cooked. Its adjustable features allow for customization according to the size and weight of the roast, providing versatility for various culinary needs. 


MODEL# 11010030
MATERIAL: Stainless Steel
PLUG: 6-20P
WIDTH: 11.00"
LENGTH: 11.00"
HEIGHT: 4.50"
UPC: 628242142250 


Completely fabricated in AISI 304 St./Steel and esthetically the nicest Gyro in the marketplace today (in our opinion, of course!). Designed with the motor at the bottom of the unit, it ensures protection from all heating elements. Individual burner controls, ceramic plates with minimum flame adjustment, removable burner protection mesh, removable drip tray and a scoop for the meat are all standard features of our Visvardis gyro machines.

In addition to the above features, our gyro machines allow the user to move the burner closer/farther away from the meat (instead of moving the spit). This will ensure precise cooking with minimal heat loss (this is accomplished by pulling and pushing the knob located in the front of the machines). Available in electric gas versions, with various sizes to choose from.

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