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Bron Coucke

Bron Coucke The "Original" Mandoline 3839E

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The "Original" and the " Professional" Bron Coucke mandoline combine lots of different cutting blades into one easy-to-use device. Fruits and vegetables, no matter how hard or delicate, are sliced with precision into slices, sticks, and waffled slices with ease. A guard protects your fingers from getting too close to the steel blade while you work. The patented table edge support gives you more stability, security, and efficiency.

The "Original" Mandoline

  • Included: 1 x 19638 (Julienne Blade), 1 x 3802 (Flat Blade) and 1 x 39 (Stainless Steel hand guard)
  • Product dimensions (W x H x L) : 5" x 2" x 16"
  • Package dimensions (W x H x L) : 12 x 6 x 18


Produces perfect julienne, matchstick, french fry, and waffle cuts on any vegetable. The pattern of each cutter and its size is noted on each blade for ease of selecting the type and size of slice you are creating. Precise thickness adjustments up to 1/2".
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Origin: France
  • Warranty: 3 months
  • sku no:3839E


    Professional kitchen equipment supplier in the 50s, at Thonon-les-Bains near Geneva, Jean Bron decides to manufacture a manual steel vegetable slicer, on the request of Chefs, instead of existing wooden items.

    Nowadays all kitchen professionals, in the world, know the Bron Mandoline. Jean Bron Company was bought by André Coucke in 1975. His son Didier, the actual Manager, exhibits in 1984 at EquipHotel in Paris. Their efforts were rewarded with a National Exportation Award in 1985.

    Bron-Coucke Company innovated by launching the "Le Rouet" turning vegetable slicer, which cuts vegetables in fine strips and strings, in 1989. Today Bron-Coucke provides kitchen professionals with well-built and reliable solutions investing in the study of quality utensils.

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