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Eurodib Atmovac Smooth Vacuum Bags (100) 6" X 10" Microns (SB90-0610)

Eurodib Atmovac Smooth Vacuum Bags (100) 6" X 10" Microns (SB90-0610)

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The Atmovac Smooth Vacuum Bags (100) measuring 6" x 10" with a micron rating of SB90-0610 offer reliable and efficient vacuum sealing for a variety of food items, ensuring extended freshness and preservation. Crafted with precision, these bags feature a smooth texture that facilitates seamless vacuum sealing, preventing any leaks or air exposure. With a micron rating of SB90-0610, they provide optimal barrier protection against moisture and oxygen, safeguarding the integrity of contents for prolonged storage. Whether for home or commercial use, these Atmovac Vacuum bags deliver unparalleled performance, making them an indispensable choice for preserving perishable goods with ease and confidence.


  • Suitable for internal chamber vacuum machines.
  • Vacuums processed IN the chamber.
  • Temperature range for use: up to 175 °F (79.5 °C)
  • Bags contains NO phthalate plasticizer, adipates,
  • bisphenol A, phosphates, polyester, PVC, BPA
  • Origin : Italy


Width: 6 Inches
Depth: 10 Inches
SKU: SB90 0610
Quantity: 100


Welcome to ATMOVAC, our proprietary brand of Commercial Vacuum machines, packaging and Sous-Vide solutions. Years of specialization in the field of Vacuum packaging for the Food Service industry provides us the access and know-how of the best available manufacturing on the planet allowing us to create ATMOVAC. We thrive to provide you with a solution for all your needs by delivering functionality and value with each of our ATMOVAC products.

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