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Eurodib Brema 615 Lb  Air Cooled Production Ice Flakes Machine 110v R290 G280A HC

Eurodib Brema 615 Lb Air Cooled Production Ice Flakes Machine 110v R290 G280A HC

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The Eurodib Brema 615 lb Air Cooled Production Ice Flakes Machine, designed for commercial use, offers efficient ice production with a capacity of 615 pounds per day. Operating on a 110 volt power supply and utilizing R290 refrigerant, this machine ensures reliable nce while minimizing environmental . With its air cooled design and HC (High Capacity) technology, it maintains optimal temperature control for consistent ice production. Ideal for various hospitality and food service establishments, this machine provides a steady supply of high quality ice flakes, meeting the demands of busy environments.


  • Large 280kg production per 24 hours
  • To suit storage bins with capacities of 100kg and 350kg
  • Produces compact, granular flakes
  • Production rated at 21°C air and 15°C water
  • Hospital grade stainless steel outer
  • Electromechanical operation
  • Powerful gear motor and auger system
  • Water to ice ratio - 1L of water makes 1kg of ice
  • Superior flakes provide immediate refrigeration effect
  • Refrigerant: R290
  • Quick and easy cleaning
  • Individual cube moulds gradually build cubes
  • Perfect for large self serve restaurants and establishments


AMPS: 8.5
MATERIAL: Stainless Steel
PLUG: 5-15P
WIDTH: 22.00"
LENGTH: 22.00"
HEIGHT: 27.50"
UPC: 628242142045


Brema has been manufacturing ice with meticulous care and attention to detail since 1985. Our passion is ice-making. It's also a promise to consumers, who must always receive the best, most timely answers for all of their demands. Brema designs and manufactures machinery to the highest of industry requirements. As a result, they employ the greatest materials and cutting-edge technology. However, Brema's highly trained staff, whose members are continually upgrading their skills and knowledge, is a critical component.

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