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Eurodib Gas Doner Grill Machine 4gd Ul VGB4

Eurodib Gas Doner Grill Machine 4gd Ul VGB4

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The Eurodib Gas Doner Grill Machine 4GD UL VGB4 is a commercial-grade device used for preparing doner kebabs, a popular Middle Eastern dish. This machine typically features a vertical rotating spit where layers of seasoned meat, usually lamb, chicken, or beef, are stacked and cooked slowly as they rotate. The grill's design allows for even cooking and the ability to shave off slices of cooked meat as needed. The "4GD" likely indicates that it has four gas burners for cooking, and "UL" signifies that it meets certain safety standards set by Underwriters Laboratories. "VGB4" could be a specific model or serial number designation. i


  • 176-lb. meat capacity
  • 4 double burners
  • Knobs for each burner
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Adjustable skewer (left/right)
  • Top-mounted motor
  • Left/right rotation
  • Safety vent
  • 44,357 BTU


Manufacturer: Eurodib
Total BTU: 44357
Capacity (lbs): 176
Gas Type: Convertible
Gas Type LP
Gas Type NG
Heat Gas
Height (in) 45.3
Warranty 1-year Parts & Labor
Burner Type(s) Infrared Burner
Product Vertical Broilers
Product Type Cooking Equipment
Weight 62.00


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