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Louis Tellier Lemon 1/2 wedge cutter 12 mm Thickness CDX4
Louis Tellier

Louis Tellier Lemon 1/2 wedge cutter 12 mm Thickness CDX4

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The Louis Tellier Lemon 1/2 Wedge Cutter with a 12 mm Thickness (CDX4) is a specialized kitchen tool designed for efficiently cutting lemons into perfect wedges. With precision and ease, this cutter allows you to create uniform lemon wedges, making it ideal for garnishing beverages, preparing salads, or enhancing the presentation of various dishes. The 12 mm thickness ensures a substantial wedge size, providing a balance between flavor and visual appeal.


  • Citrus fruits 
  • Cutting Ø: 4.19" 
  • Half-slice cut (12 mm Thickness) 
  • St/st, ABS, and HDPE


  • Material(s) : Stainless steel, ABS et HDPE
  • Dimensions (cm) : 39 x 19 x 39,5
  • Brand: Louis Tellier
  • Use: Professional use
  • Origine: France
  • Color: Black and grey
  • Manufacturer Number:  CDX4


Since 65 years, Tellier has been using innovation to unleash creativity and improve efficiency in the kitchen. Started in 1947, Louis Tellier revolutionized the gastronomic world by creating the world’s first professional food mill. This groundbreaking innovation – the first of a long series - established the company’s reputation as a manufacturer of robust and efficient small kitchen appliances.

With its long experience history, Tellier has consistently been launching innovative and useful products to provide worldwide customers with tools designed to meet their needs and requirements. The company is now a major player in the professional kitchen and catering equipment market.
LOUIS TELLIER represents the combination of three renowned French culinary tool companies: Gobel (maker of copper and tin-plated pastry molds), Bron Coucke (famous for its mandoline slicers), and Louis Tellier (recognized for its stainless steel and tin-plated food mills). LOUIS TELLIER is an undisputed leader in the field of high-end manual kitchen equipment, utilizing traditional know-how and adding a passion for innovation.

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