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Gobel N-stick Obsidian Charlotte Mould - Ø 180/150 mm H100 mm 412620

Gobel N-stick Obsidian Charlotte Mould - Ø 180/150 mm H100 mm 412620

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The Gobel N-Stick Obsidian Charlotte Mould comes in a pack of 3 and features a diameter of 180 millimeters at the top and 150 millimeters at the base, with a height of 100 millimeters. These molds are designed for making Charlotte cakes and other desserts. The "N-stick" feature likely refers to a non-stick coating or material, which facilitates easy release of the cake from the mold without sticking. The obsidian material may refer to a dark, glossy finish that resembles obsidian stone. 


  • HEIGHT (inch): 3.9
  • DIAM (inch): 7/5.9


Gobel has been manufacturing pastry molds for over 125 years. It guarantees of great know-how and irreplaceable experience. Gobel provides constant satisfaction to its customers since 1887. Distributed in: France, North America, Australia, Middle East, South-East Asia, and Scandinavia and throughout Europe.

Gobel is widely recognized as a genuine reference. Aware of market development and specific needs of its customers, Gobel offer quality products. In all fields, optimum quality leads Gobel tradition. Our products are distributed by a network of professional kitchen equipment.

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