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Eurodib Full Size Basket for SF01860 01101061003
Eurodib Full Size Basket for SF01860 01101061003

Eurodib Full Size Basket for SF01860 01101061003

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The Eurodib Full Size Basket is designed specifically for use with the SF01860 01101061003 model. Crafted to fit seamlessly into the appliance, this basket offers ample space to accommodate full-sized loads, ensuring efficient cooking or frying operations. Manufactured with durable materials, it guarantees reliability and longevity, making it an essential accessory for any kitchen equipped with the SF01860 01101061003. Whether for professional or home use, this basket enhances the functionality and versatility of the appliance, facilitating the preparation of delicious meals with ease.


  • With a high emphasis placed on safety and hygiene
  • Eurodib fryers are equipped with multiple safety features
  • Designed to be easily broken down daily for cleaning
  • Frying is simple, easy to operate, high performance, excellent efficiency, while freeing up counter space
  • Thermostatic control: 105F-370F
  • Lid included


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